Barlieb & Associates: Transforming Your Home for Life

Our Process

Following a clear design/build process is the best way to satisfy your vision, budget and schedule. You have just one relationship to manage throughout your project, and it’s with us, ensuring good communication, clarity, and accountability. We can’t eliminate all the surprises, but we do our best to minimize them.

At Barlieb & Associates clear communication is essential to high quality design and construction; we listen to you and incorporate your feedback and ideas into your project. You are the most important member of our team, ultimately determining the final design, materials selection, and budget. We want you to love your house!

The Design and Construction Process

ONE. The process starts as soon as you call or email about your project. We first talk by phone to better understand your needs and explain how we work. If our process, approach, and personality fit your needs we would schedule a time to come to your home.

TWO. We’ll come to your home to meet you and get a better sense of what you want to do and where you want to do it, so we can begin to determine how to best accomplish your goals. Before we visit, we’ll have you complete our “I wish, I want, I need” exercise, which helps us — and you — clarify your vision. It also assists in the development of a scope of work and in the formulation of an initial budget.

THREE. The next step is for us to draft a Project Analysis and Design Agreement, which explains in more detail our design services as they relate to your project. We analyze your project in easy-to-understand language, including your design goals and budget, another way to minimize surprises down the road.

FOUR. Once the Design Agreement is signed, we will develop preliminary design solutions, including drawings, a scope of work, preliminary work estimates and finish and materials recommendations. What we present to you at this meeting provides a springboard for further discussion.

As the drawings begin to take shape, we will provide a more refined construction budget, updated based on your project goals and materials selections. We will do our best to give you the cost implications of different design solutions.

Part of enjoying your remodel is knowing that you can afford it. We are committed to keeping costs at a level you can live with.

FIVE. A successful remodel depends on the clarity of the design. For this reason, the construction contract is accompanied by detailed project specifications. These specifications ensure your design has been carefully estimated and you know exactly what to expect, from design to delivery.

Once we get the permits and can establish a start date, we will plan out a schedule to guide us through the construction phases. You, as well as each trade involved, will receive a copy of the schedule. The greater our channel of communication the more organized and successful our outcome will be.

SIX. After all improvements have been made we will conduct a final walk-through with you to help you understand your new addition or renovation. We are leaving you with a remodel that has transformed your home for life.

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